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  • Best Vacation Ever

    Hi Renee, Jim & Jay,
    It has been more than three weeks since we returned home, and we continuously praising the stay in Tranquilo Bay, as M keeps saying “My best vacation ever”. We are back to normal life here, working playing with grandkids and doing some sport. Hope you are all well, looking forward to hear from you soon.
    Say Hi to everyone, the Kids & the Crew.
    Take care,
    M & R, CA

  • Everything was Perfect

    Dear all,
    We are unfortunately back in snowy New York but our minds are still in Tranquilo Bay.  What an extraordinary time we had!!  Everything was perfect:  the accommodations, the food, the people and especially the personal attention we received from all of you and Ramon and Natalia.   We will spread the word and wish you the best in your island paradise.  
    J and M, NY

  • Always a Smile!

    Hi Renee,
    We had such a great time! The "boys" and I really felt welcomed and looked after. Ramon is so warm and relaxed, as well as knowledgable and the staff was wonderful too. Always a smile! A ton of friends have been so curious about your magical spot, hopefully some will visit. You and Jim and Jay work so hard at making everything go smoothly, not easy, I am sure. We had a fun, relaxing, adventurous holiday. THANK YOU!
    Thanks again,
    B Family, Canada

  • Birds, Birds, Birds

    Hi All,
    We had the BEST time with all of you and hope to return someday...sooner rather than later, we hope! We wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.  We are all so blessed and live in an amazing world of people places and BIRDS, BIRDS, BIRDS. We are cold here in Texas so envy is setting in for your warm climate, sunshine and beautiful blue waters!
    C,B, & A, TX

  • Withdrawal

    Thanks so much for making our stay so special. I now have some new laugh lines on my face. We are truly suffering from Panama-withdrawal. Kids are back in school today and I have a mountain of laundry to do. We will share more photos once I get organized! Judy is a real gem. Thanks again for a wonderful stay in your home!
    H family, TX
  • Loved Your Place

    Dear All in Tranquilo Bay,
    We absolutely loved the time we spent with you all at Tranquilo Bay, army ants included.!!! We loved your place and will tell everyone to go. Special thanks to Natalia and Ramon for their expertise and taking us out and about.
    Love I & S, UK
  • One of our Best Trips Ever

    We had a great time with you guys. It is unanimous this was one of our best trips EVER. 
    B Family, CA
  • So Much Fun

    We had SO much fun with you all. It was by far the highlight of our trip. You have created a very special place, and it is definitely on our "return to" list. 
    We really feel lucky that we met you all, and I hope we can stay in touch. If you are ever in the Philadelphia area, you will have to let us know! 
    J & J, PA
  • Kid's Best Vacation

    Hi Renee,
    How are you all doing? We truly miss you. Kids mention our Panama vacation all the time, they talk about you and say it was their best vacation!
    I hope you enjoy the movies and we are looking forward to our next visit!
    Best and regards to all!
    T Family, NY

  • Thank You for a Great Vacation

    We had a wonderful time at Tranquilo Bay. Our stay exceeded expectations....and you know, they were pretty high. ... There are so many great memories/experiences, lobster, Zapo Beach, the dock, dolphins, tarpon, bonefish, views, water, indians, etc.... Of course my biggest disappointment was the food. Too good, too much - I am huge and almost was charged 70 cents a pound for my return weight.
    Renee, you, especially, are a saint for putting up with all my questions and quirky desires.
    Collecting my thoughts, I am, believe it or not, at a loss for words - but the main point is we had a great time, there are a lot of great places - the trick is to find both great places with great people - we found that at Tranquilo Bay....and that will be a very hard combo to replicate - and I may just want to stay with a good thing.
    Most importantly, I want to thank Jim, Jay, Stephanie, Sabrina, Enrique, Mario, Leo, Yohany, the Hidden Chef and all the other staff for being such great hosts.”
    R, J, J, M - MN
  • Generous

    Dear Renee,
    Wow!!! I hold so many great memories from our time there. You were all so generous with your time, care and beautiful surroundings. Please give our love to everyone there and hopefully we will make our way there again some day soon.
    Best wishes,
    K & P, CA 
  • Highly Recommended

    Thanks so much for a great week last week!  We had a super time and would highly recommend the trip to anyone looking to go to that part of the world.  What you have built there is quite incredible. You really took care of us well and we appreciate the great hospitality.  Please pass on our best to James and the rest of the staff.  Our best personal wishes to everyone there and please keep in touch.
    M Family MO
  • Immersion into Nature

    Dear Renee,
    We are back at home reveling in our stay with you.  Not only was it perfect in what we needed, we found you all to be wonderful, stimulating, inspirational companions.  P and I talk about you constantly and keep reliving our favorite moments.  We have told our friends how you are frontier livers and maintainers and how wonderful you make our immersion into nature.  We full intend on coming back next March for 2 weeks.  We loved the holiday and thank-you all again for everything.
    T & P, Canada
  • Memorable

    I have to say we had a very relaxing and memorable time at Tranquilo Bay.  You, Jim, Jay and Stephanie have truly created a special place that we will always remember fondly and we do look forward to visiting again.
    Your friends were great to meet, even when we were grumpy.  They were very accommodating to take us in at the last minute... We can't tell you how much we appreciate that you dropped everything at the dinner hour to help us figure things out that night.
    Happy New Year to all of you at Tranquilo Bay!
    H family, KY
  • Highlight of our Trip

    Hello Jim, Renée and Jay,
    I wanted to say hello and thank you again. You have an amazing place and your hospitality was second to none. T and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Tranquilo Bay, the highlight of our trip. Wish all of you the best for 2011.
    Warm regards,
    T & T, Canada
  • Vacation for the Ages

    I can't thank you, Renee, and Jay enough for a vacation for the ages.
    You were just tremendous. You could have stopped at the Zaps and the Indian reservation hike and we would have been more than content. But to add in the white-water, the finca with the coffee and barbequed pork, and the guanaba, Dave the king of chocolate and Linda the orchid queen, well , words cannot say. We have been thinking, I want to run this past you guys, how about we buy the Peninsula, build a dock and moor the Buffalo Soldier there while we build the house? Perfect or what? Seriously, if that piece is available, and I know it is not your job to be the real estate agent, we are so there.
    All the best to Tres, (Trace?) who unquestionably has the best childhood on the planet.”
    H family, WA
  • Just About Perfect

    Got back and it was freezing (literally 0 degrees C). My cold got worse but I still had to work (financial year end). Newark was even worse on the way back. All immigration computers were down, I kid you not, and chaos reigned. There was a near riot caused by several Panamanians, who had been queing for 3 and a half hours, and us.
    All of which does not detract one bit from the fantastic time we had in Panama. Thank you all, for the week we had, it was just about perfect. We hope to see you again some day.
    All the best,
    N & S, England
  • Dream Come True

    Just wanted to say hello and tell you how much we enjoyed your hospitality and your wonderful resort/retreat. You are extraordinary folks! We had a great time with you!
    It is really nice to meet people who have made their dream come true and to enjoy it with them. Take care and we hope to see you again sometime. Say hello to Stephanie and Sabrina.
    D & M, CA
  • Loved the Excursions

    Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much Marianne and I enjoyed our stay at Tranquilo Bay. You all (or should I be saying all y’all) made us feel very welcome and provided a great first impression of Panama. We loved the excursions and the food was fantastic. We are still marveling at all the work that you’ve done to build something from scratch. As for the latter part of our trip, La Montaña was excellent; Judy was great and gave us a wonderful personalized tour of PC. Thanks again to you for all your help in setting things up and please say hello to everyone for us.
    Best regards,
    M & M, IL
  • Our Vacation

    Thanks so much for providing us with a top of the line vacation at your gorgeous resort. Elizabeth and I had a perfect time there and would love to come back. You have done such a splendid job of creating a top quality resort yet maintaining the natural beauty. We loved the food, sports, rest, and especially your wonderful hospitality. You and your staff made us feel welcomed yet comfortable.
    E & E, SC
  • Dream Vacation

    We had a fabulous time!  We are so glad we got to meet you all!  On the trip home, we just kept talking about how we felt like we had known ya'll for years.  The laughter, the singing, the craziness, the food, the conversation and the beauty of the surroundings all came together in a "dream vacation".  Your staff is great too!  Tell everyone hello.
    Our love,
    J & J, TX
  • Talkin' Ya'll Up

    Dear Jim,Renee,& Jay:
    Back in the daily grind of moving iron,but it is much easier now as I carry this vision of Tranquilo Bay and Bocas de Toros surrounds whenever I get stressed.Thank you so much for a really wonderful stay which was excellent and intimate in every way. I will certainly spend time and effort “talkin’ ya’ll up” whenever possible!! Hope all is well. Give my best to Ramon and Natalia and all. May God bless you and your families!!
    Besos y abrazos,
    B, TX
  • Wish It Could Have Been Longer

    I just wanted to thank you for a truly great few days here. I only wish it could have been longer!...
    It really is amazing what you’ve accomplished out here, not to mention the amazing hospitality, wonderful food (please thank the cook for us!), and great activities throughout the days. I was excited to come here, but I had no conception of how much my time here would surpass my expectations.
    “Y’all” have been amazing. Happy happy new year! All the best for 2008!
    S - CA
  • Beautiful and Unique

    Thank you so much for an amazing trip. The place that you’ve created here is beyond impressive. It is so refreshing to see people truly live their dreams. Tranquilo Bay is such a beautiful and unique place and I feel so lucky to have stayed here. Best of luck to all you guys and to your beautiful kids.
    H - CA


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