We are a Founding Partner and Signatory of Terra Incognita’s Ethical Ecotourism Code of Conduct. This means that we commit ethical ecotourism which creates win-win solutions for wildlife, local communities and the landscapes they share.

We commit to the following seven principles:

We help wildlife

We work with local people

We strive for overall positive impacts

We share our knowledge

We work together

We respect boundaries

We keep improving

For a full description of the 7 Principles, visit www.terra-incognita.travel/code

If you suspect a violation of the Code of Conduct, please inform Terra Incognita using this anonymous online feedback form.

Field Notes

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We are a financially viable business and also environmental stewards, who recognize that universal human equality is vital to ecological conservation. All are welcome in our space and we treat everyone as equals. We champion and participate in a fair and equitable economy. We are meaningfully involved in our local community and respectful of our neighbors. We document our journey and share what we learn, promoting regeneration to everyone we touch, including our clients and shareholders, for whom we do not compromise our values. We replenish and repair, creating abundance where there was scarcity. Our goals and standards constantly evolve because we listen to the world around us. We plan for the next generation. We are never finished.

- as a member of REGENERATIVE Resorts / REGENERATIVE Travel