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At Tranquilo Bay, eco tourism isn’t just a catchy marketing phrase used to attract guests; it’s a way of life. We want to preserve the natural resources around us in order to maintain our eco adventure lodge for the long term and to pass on our legacy to our children – our guests come to Tranquilo Bay to see the natural resources that Bocas del Toro and Panama have to offer if we do not work to preserve them our business and our children’s future has a limited life span.

We painstakingly developed our secluded get-away for five years. During that time, we lived primitively in the jungle at the future site of the lodge, as we conducted research that would help us create an eco-friendly destination that protects and preserves the environment, while offering guests unparalleled access to nature at its natural best.


Tranquilo Bay will always be small, leaving the smallest footprint on our lush environment. We currently have six cabanas with plans in the future for six more.
Most of our employees live onsite. Those that do not live within walking or paddling distance.
Food: we bring raw materials into Tranquilo Bay in the largest quantity feasible and then make as much of our food as possible onsite. We source large amounts of our foodstuff from within Panama. We bake our breads and desserts on site each day. We grow a fair amount of our fruit and herbs on site. We have planted trees that will increase our self-sufficiency in the future.
Use of plastics: we try to use the smallest amount of plastic possible when we send our guests off on excursions. We pack lunches in reusable containers rather than in plastic bags for each guest.
We used eco-friendly renewable and recyclable materials (steel and concrete) to construct our buildings. These buildings do not require extensive maintenance nor replacement on a regular basis.
We limit our use of local hardwoods to combat de-forestation.
Chemical usage: we use the smallest amount (and the least harmful option) of chemicals possible to for cleaning and insect management.
Water usage: we practice responsible water usage. We educate our employees and our guests in such practices.
Water treatment: we capture natural rainwater then purify it using state-of-the-art filtration and UV light sterilization technique.
We are preserving more than 80 acres of the over 200+ acres we have acquired.
Tranquilo Bay educates employees and guests on the protection and preservation of our native marine and wild life. We are working to expand this program.
We attempt to limit our use of fossil fuels where possible:

  • We maintain travel days to and from Isla Colon.
  • We are always looking into alternatives for our power generation.
  • We are looking into the use of different boats and motors for certain of our transportation needs.
Waste management: kitchen and garden waste are composted or fed to the local animals.


Tranquilo Bay supports the Panamanian economy by employing local personnel and purchasing locally made goods. We are working to educate our employees to help them grow into positions of greater responsibility.
We volunteer as the Vigilantes de Bastimentos in order to help the Panamanian government agencies enforce the various environmental laws and we provide gasoline or transportation for these agencies to make their inspections.
We do not purchase bottled water. We use our rainwater we collect here onsite for all of our water consumption. Our rainwater is purified and sterilized onsite. We use refillable water bottles rather than purchasing commercial bottled water.
We do not support over-fishing lobsters, conch and octopus, and we will not purchase or serve these locally endangered species in our lodge.
We worked with the Salt Creek indigenous community to create a reserve (including a management plan) adjacent to Bastimentos National Marine Park. This reserve will protect the trees, which provide roofing to this indigenous community and keep the area from ever being developed.
We volunteer in the Bastimentos National Marine Park in various ways.
Our recreational activities tread lightly on the land and the ocean.


We work with several indigenous communities. These communities provide us guides on our excursions and prepare trails for tourist use to get a feel for indigenous life in Bocas del Toro.

We are members of Adesbo, a local NGO, and serve on the Environmental Subcommittee to help preserve the natural resources of Bocas del Toro.

Renee H. Kimball has served on the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Tourism of Bocas del Toro since 2013.

Renee H. Kimball was President of the Bocas Sustainable Tourism Alliance, which was a destination management organization for Bocas del Toro, for about four years from 2009 - 2012.

We are members of APTSO. We work with APTSO’s board of directors to increase the reach of APTSO.

We have supported BESO, a local organization that supports the children of Bocas del Toro, by providing excursions during low season at Tranquilo Bay, which are auctioned off for this charity.


We work with various international and national agencies, which are working to preserve the flora and fauna of Bocas del Toro. We are also working to identify new species of insects we find here at Tranquilo Bay with the appropriate experts.
We do what we can to educate the public at large about what Panama and Bocas del Toro have to offer through a variety of websites, articles, etc. which are updated on a regular basis.
We work with scientists as they study the wildlife here in Bocas del Toro. We sponsored a Fulbright Scholar who studied the monkeys on Bastimentos. We are working with a graduate student who is studying the red frogs of Bastimentos. We are in the process of acquiring approval to do DNA research on Tarpon along with an agency in Florida, USA.
We do not print marketing materials. All of our marketing materials are available for download off of our website.


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