We promise you a unique Panama experience. No two people have the same encounter with the rainforest, the Caribbean Sea and their inhabitants.

We give you individualized attention during your stay with us. Tranquilo Bay is small which allows us to look after each of our guests.

We welcome you to our table as if you were a member of our family. We share meals with our guests so that we may converse about your experience in Bocas del Toro.

We take your dietary allergies and preferences into consideration as we develop our menu during your stay with us.

We do our best to preserve the area’s natural resources for your first and your 25th visit to Tranquilo Bay.

We support the local economy by employing individuals from nearby villages and towns.

We ensure your health and safety with our food and water preparation, protection against insects, and by training our staff to take care of you.

We honor your vacation and your travel party by living up to our Sustainability Practice.

We provide free laundry service up to the amount supported by our water supply.

We promise to smile, laugh and not take ourselves too seriously.

Field Notes

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We are a business that:

  • believes in stewardship;
  • champions a fair and equitable economy;
  • participates in our local community;
  • respects our neighbors;
  • documents & shares our learning journey; and
  • works to replenish and repair to create abundance.

All are welcome in our space.

Our business evolves because as we know better, we can do better.

We are never finished.