At Tranquilo Bay, we believe that people who experience an authentic, regenerative vacation create treasured memories, but we know treasured memories do not come easy.

How do you make sure you pick the right vacation? Are the places you are considering transparent about their sustainability and regenerative practices?

We hope so. That is why we have created this IMPACT page so that we may tell you about the metrics we use to measure and course correct our sustainability practices as we work our way toward true regenerative practices. These measurements are detailed in the IMPACT Report that is available for download at the end of the page. We highlight key areas on this page.

We know that the best measurement we can monitor is improving against ourselves, not against a third party. Thus, we track specific metrics to determine how we are doing today and how things change over time.

OUR WHY: We focus on the aspirational side of regenerative tourism. We are never finished. We can always learn more and do better once we know more.

THE PLACE AND ITS PEOPLE: We helped the local indigenous community create an over 500-acre municipal reserve that serves as a buffer zone to the marine national park.

PRIVATE CONSERVATION RESERVE: To us, investing in conservation first is of utmost importance. We have increased our land footprint from 19 acres to over 200 making it a private conservation reserve.

WILDLIFE: Our yard bird list is over 230 species, and those we have discovered on our excursions is approaching 600 species. To put it in perspective – more than half the bird species in Panama may be seen with us.

CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS: We used materials to construct our buildings such that the buildings would not require extensive maintenance nor replacement on a regular basis. We limit our use of local hardwoods to decorative elements.

WATER: All water consumption at Tranquilo Bay is all rain catch that goes through 5-micron filtration and UV light sterilization. For outings, we use refillable water bottles.

FOSSIL FUEL USAGE: Tranquilo Bay’s land and its surrounding mangroves sequester 3 times the amount of carbon as what is produced by the lodge’s power generation and transportation usage.

LOCAL ECONOMY: 94% of our employees are residents of our province, Bocas del Toro. 87% of our workforce and 100% of our management team (outside of ownership) come from under-represented groups. 78% of our expense dollars are spent within our province or 100 KM of the lodge.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Volunteer hours and contributions within Panama valued at close to $10,000 a year.

EDUCATION & SCIENCE: As part of our community support and guest involvement, t is important to us to work with various international and national organizations, which are working to regenerate, document, steward the natural resources of Bocas del Toro. Please see the full report for a list of projects.

Field Notes

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We are a financially viable business and also environmental stewards, who recognize that universal human equality is vital to ecological conservation. All are welcome in our space and we treat everyone as equals. We champion and participate in a fair and equitable economy. We are meaningfully involved in our local community and respectful of our neighbors. We document our journey and share what we learn, promoting regeneration to everyone we touch, including our clients and shareholders, for whom we do not compromise our values. We replenish and repair, creating abundance where there was scarcity. Our goals and standards constantly evolve because we listen to the world around us. We plan for the next generation. We are never finished.

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