Most guests travel by air between Panama City and Isla Colon (Bocas Town). Air Panama has at least two flights each day departing Panama City and returning from Bocas. The flights are usually mid-morning (10:00 am PAC to BOC and 11:30 am BOC to PAC) and early afternoon (1:00 pm PAC to BOC and 2:30 pm BOC to PAC). During high season Air Panama schedules additional flights throughout the day. Tranquilo Bay will meet you at the airport and transfer you out to Isla Bastimentos after the morning flight on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Transfers at any other time incur a boat fee of $107.

Some guests will travel from Boquete to Bocas by land. In this instance there are several options for transfers to and from Tranquilo Bay. We can arrange to meet you at an eco-lodge on the mainland and make the transfer direct to Tranquilo Bay or we can schedule a time and location to pick you up on Isla Colon. To get to Isla Colon from the mainland you will take a water taxi from Almirante.

A few guests are traveling from Costa Rica to Bocas del Toro. Some of these guests travel by plane in which case we will pick them up at the airport the same as anyone traveling from Panama City. Others will travel by land and either meet us on the mainland at the designated eco-lodge or at a specified location on Isla Colon.



  • Round trip transfers from Isla Colon to Tranquilo Bay on Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • Deluxe air-conditioned cabana with view
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day of your stay
  • Non-alcoholic, non-blended beverages
  • Use of our expansive facilities and grounds
  • Use of our equipment
  • Access to naturalist guides for activities on our grounds or off of our dock
  • Panamanian Sales and Hotel Taxes

Your expenses once you arrive at Tranquilo Bay are limited. You might have a small bar tab. You may have excursions that you elect to add on during your stay. Other than these items you will have any gratuities you choose to give to your guides and or the other staff.

Tranquilo Bay is a small eco-lodge in a secluded location. You have access to the ocean and the jungle. We are next to a marine national park, thus we have no neighbors and our grounds are completely private. We have two full-time biologist guides on staff for your tours. Our tours are conducted solely for our guests in a completely secure manner. Due to our location, which puts you in the middle of the jungle, we must catch or own water, supply our own power and bring all materials in by boat.


Yes, we can accommodate you. Our reservation system guest information form has a few sections that ask you to provide us with information about anyone in your party's food allergies or health requirements as well as for what everyone in your party does eat.


The owners live on-site with their families. As such, we are familiar with providing support to families with babies or grandparents traveling with them. We believe it is important for each member of the family to be comfortable and happy. We have a variety of staff members to meet your needs at Tranquilo Bay. The staff to guest ratio varies between 1:1 and 1:3 depending upon the season. Our full-time naturalist guides provide you with lots of information about all of the nature and wildlife found within Bocas del Toro. We also have our resident canines, Chola and Max, who do what they can to improve your stay with us.


Our guest's activities and excursions are available only to people staying onsite. We do have a day tour that we offer several days a week where people come onsite to experience Tranquilo Bay, however, our lodge guests and these people are not mixed for activity purposes.

Field Notes

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We are a financially viable business and also environmental stewards, who recognize that universal human equality is vital to ecological conservation. All are welcome in our space and we treat everyone as equals. We champion and participate in a fair and equitable economy. We are meaningfully involved in our local community and respectful of our neighbors. We document our journey and share what we learn, promoting regeneration to everyone we touch, including our clients and shareholders, for whom we do not compromise our values. We replenish and repair, creating abundance where there was scarcity. Our goals and standards constantly evolve because we listen to the world around us. We plan for the next generation. We are never finished.

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