Our team has been hard at work to ensure that necessary measures are in place to ensure both guests and our team members remain safe and healthy.

Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge is taking precautions to minimize exposure by enacting protocols based on recommendations, guidelines, and requirements issued by numerous North American health organizations, international organizations, and the Panamanian public health agency.



All guests are required to wear a mask that fully covers the mouth and nose during the following times:

Arriving at the airport

Riding in any vehicle

During registration process

If requested by a Tranquilo Bay representative or another participant in situations where appropriate distancing cannot be maintained

At all other times, guests are encouraged to wear a mask any time they are unable to maintain an appropriate distance from another individual.



All public spaces, dining areas, bathrooms, etc. will be sanitized 3x/day

Hand sanitizer will be readily available throughout the lodge

Be sure to cough or sneeze into your elbow and away from others

Frequently and thoroughly wash your hands either with soap and hot running water for at least 20 seconds or with alcohol-based hand sanitizers



All guests will be greeted by a Tranquilo Bay representative

  • at the airport for those flying into Bocas del Toro
  • at the pick-up point for those arriving by land into Bocas del Toro



All guests must wear a mask when in a road vehicle

All Tranquilo Bay boats will be sanitized before and after each use. We will arrange for our drivers to do the same in their vehicles.

Hand sanitizer will be made available in each vehicle

Vehicles will be restricted to carrying less than full capacity

If a guest is not comfortable riding with other passengers, we will arrange for another car service they can utilize at their expense

Drivers are required to wear masks



Meals will be served at staggered times as necessary

A limited number of people will be allowed at each table, or within the dining areas at any given time. People traveling together may all be seated at the same time, together.

All diners are encouraged to use hand sanitizer before entering the dining room.

All meals will be made to order and served at the table.



Guests, except those traveling together, will attempt to remain an appropriate distance apart during activities and excursions

Guides will be responsible for taking care of all Tranquilo Bay equipment at the end of a session. Equipment will be sanitized before and after use.

Guests (other than travel groups) should avoid congregating in groups larger than what will allow for an appropriate physical distance



By entering Tranquilo Bay, guests acknowledge and understand the health-and-safety requirements described in this summary and agree to forego involvement if they have any COVID symptoms, including a fever, dry cough, or other related symptoms.

Should a guest become ill during a stay for any reason, we will help them to receive appropriate medical attention, and they will (unfortunately) be required to remain quarantined for the remainder of their stay.

If a guest develops COVID symptoms, we are required by Panamanian law to inform the Panamanian public health agency.

For more information see the Panamanian government travel guidelines page.



We are a financially viable business and also environmental stewards, who recognize that universal human equality is vital to ecological conservation. All are welcome in our space and we treat everyone as equals. We champion and participate in a fair and equitable economy. We are meaningfully involved in our local community and respectful of our neighbors. We document our journey and share what we learn, promoting regeneration to everyone we touch, including our clients and shareholders, for whom we do not compromise our values. We replenish and repair, creating abundance where there was scarcity. Our goals and standards constantly evolve because we listen to the world around us. We plan for the next generation. We are never finished.

- as a member of REGENERATIVE Resorts / REGENERATIVE Travel