Tranquilo Bays latest eco-adventure soars 100’ above sea level; bringing you to the top of the forest canopy for a panoramic birds-eye view of three distinctly different ecosystems within Bastimentos National Marine Park. The bird watching, wildlife and photo opportunities from this incredible vantage point are truly sublime.

The wildlife and views of the forest canopy from the tower are absolutely incredible, but the natural history lesson alone is worth the ascent. From Volcan Baru’s 11,400’ peak in the cloud forest of the Talamanca mountain range, down the slope of Western Panama to the coral reefs beneath the Caribbean’s surface, every life zone known to the tropics can be seen from this single vantage point above the forest’s canopy.

The tower was designed to be extremely safe and user friendly, so that it may easily be enjoyed by bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts of all ages. The structure, designed to endure the toughest conditions, was constructed using a hot dip galvanized steel framework, treated southern pine lumber, stainless steel and brass hardware. Craftsman finishes such as smooth sanded wooden handrails, standard residential stair pattern and elevated guardrails, insure that everyone’s hands, feet and mind feel right at home.

Views from the Tower

The rainforest canopy
Abundant wildlife
Coral Reefs of the Caribbean Sea
Mangrove forest canopy
Bastimentos National Marine Park (Terrestrial & Marine)
Zapatilla Cayes (offshore islands within national park)
Punta Vieja – Northeast peninsula of Isla Bastimentos
Thatch Palm Forest Reserve (Reserva de Guagaras)
Isla Popa – Island within the archipelago
Cayo de Agua - Island within the archipelago
Isla San Cristobal – Island within the archipelago
Punta Valiente – Ngobe-Bugle indigenous territory
Panama’s Continental Divde, Talamanca Mountain Range
Amistad International Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
Volcan Baru (11400’)
Costa Rica

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At Tranquilo Bay we have listed over 180 species of birds on-sight and nearly 400 from our daily excursions to nearby bird-rich environments. Bocas del Toro, Panama is geologically gifted, creating extreme species diversity; there are an incredible variety of ecosystems, habitats and altitudinal zones only a short distance from the lodge. Our guides are passionate about observing wildlife, excellent at spotting as well as identification and frequently work with bird watching groups and individuals with birding specific itineraries.
Tranquilo Bay’s two most overlooked features are its amazing location and superior facilities. Situated on 200 heavily forested acres of Panama’s Western Caribbean Coast and surround by three distinct ecosystems, biodiversity and wildlife thrive. If you are into eco-adventures such as birding and wildlife watching, hiking, snorkeling the coral reef, kayaking or forest ecology, be prepared for the experience of a lifetime. Your deluxe cabana is the perfect exploration base camp; from here, there are days’ worth of excursions to keep you enveloped in the forest and ocean.
We built the tower to fulfill the needs of our birding and wildlife enthusiasts who desired access to the most exciting and vibrant part of the forest, the canopy. It is here where birds openly feed on fruits and seeds, monkeys forage in treetops, iguanas seek energy from the sun, sloths and constrictors search for their next meal. The biodiversity at Tranquilo Bay is incredible, but there is only so much that can be seen from the ground. The tower gives us a vantage point of the canopy that is just not possible from below.
Bocas del Toro
Bocas del Toro, Panama includes an archipelago of some 68 tropical islands which are excellent for beach combing, birding and exploring.  Around the many reefs and lagoons, you may fish, snorkel and surf. 
Panama Vacation
We can help you make arrangements for your entire Panama vacation including ground transportation in the city, lodging reservations throughout the country and domestic airfare ticketing.
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Intimate Nature
Our nature preserve encompasses 200 plus acres and over a kilometer of Caribbean coastline. Over 75% of the preserve has been left in its natural state.
Eco Adventures
Our biologist guides use hiking, kayaking and snorkeling to explore the diverse range of habitats in the area. All of our excursions tread lightly on the area's natural resources.

Bocas del Toro Hotel

Tranquilo Bay is an owner-operated, family-friendly eco lodge and hotel located on 200 plus acres in the rainforest adjacent to the Caribbean Sea and a national park. We offer deluxe accommodations, delicious meals, first-world facilities, naturalist guided adventure tours, and trip planning assistance in Bocas del Toro, Panama, Central America for your vacation.

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All excursions depart directly from our comfortable facility where our staff will handle the preparation of everything you need for a comfortable and interesting experience.

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