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Bocas del Toro
Bocas del Toro, Panama includes an archipelago of some 68 tropical islands which are excellent for beach combing, birding and exploring.  Around the many reefs and lagoons, you may fish, snorkel and surf. 
Panama Vacation
We can help you make arrangements for your entire Panama vacation including ground transportation in the city, lodging reservations throughout the country and domestic airfare ticketing.
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Intimate Nature
Our nature preserve encompasses 200 plus acres and over a kilometer of Caribbean coastline. Over 75% of the preserve has been left in its natural state.
Eco Adventures
Our biologist guides use hiking, kayaking and snorkeling to explore the diverse range of habitats in the area. All of our excursions tread lightly on the area's natural resources.

Bocas del Toro Hotel

Tranquilo Bay is an owner-operated, family-friendly eco lodge and hotel located on 200 plus acres in the rainforest adjacent to the Caribbean Sea and a national park. We offer deluxe accommodations, delicious meals, first-world facilities, naturalist guided adventure tours, and trip planning assistance in Bocas del Toro, Panama, Central America for your vacation.

Tour Operator

All excursions depart directly from our comfortable facility where our staff will handle the preparation of everything you need for a comfortable and interesting experience.

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